“The books are BEYOND. I am so unbelievably happy, and just wanted to send you a note to tell you that I basically jumped up and down for 30 minutes when I received them (which is the most exercise I’ve gotten in a year). Thank you for making my first book a reality, and being such a pleasure to work with, So excited to work together again.”

Eva Zuckerman, Gorga Feheren Jewelry

“We LOVED working with you and the incredible tour and the first class service you provided. I will always sing your praises and people constantly ask where we got it printed. The issue made it all around the world, being stocked on the best shelves possible from Colette in Paris to the Gagosian Gallery in New York.”

Ashley Owens, Editor In Chief & Creative Director, Suited Magazine

“We rec’d word that the Madison real-estate project, delivered by your driver Bubba late in the day today was well received by our client. We are all still amazed here that you guys were able to help us pull off that very tall request. The timeline was extreme but we had to try! Our thanks to you and all of the staff involved on this project. It is very much appreciated.”

Richard Kouwenhoven, President and General Manager, Hemlock Printers Ltd 

“Just wanted to let you know that I received the cards and we are all totally blown away by how gorgeous they look! Thank you so much for working with me on these, you did an amazing job finding the perfect paper and printing beautiful cards. So excited to send these out to our top clients. Look forward to working with you again!”

Lauraly Grossman, Public Relations & Social Media Coordinator, Poppin

“Just so YOU know I think you guys are the bees knees. I have worked in a few print shops and you guys really have it together. I am VERY happy to have a vendor (more like partnership) with you and your team. Looking forward to many more print projects together.”

Gisela Delgado, Creative Services Studio Manager, Equinox

“I knew you wouldn’t let me down!!!! What is a word for beyond Awesome? Thank you all!”

Christine Blanche, Boehringer Pharmaceutical

“I wanted to send out a thank you note for helping SoulCycle set up the incredible branded print website. Carlos has been working tirelessly and accommodating all my requests at a moment’s notice and he is truly a star. You guys are seriously incredible.

Emily St. Denis, Operations Coordinator, SoulCycle

“The book looks fantastic! Once again, your hard work has made us heros in the eyes of my clients. Thank you again. We appreciate you and your devoted staff.”
Susan Halprin. Bradford Graphics, The Agency for the Digital Age™

“The Korean calendars look beautiful. Thank you very much. I always know I’m in good hands with Prestone.”
Emily B. Morgan, President, KinderKalendars, LLC

“These came out great. And you had a seriously tight schedule. Thanks Pat great job. “
James Vollaro, President, Costal Graphics

“I’ve worked with Prestone Printing Company for many years now and I’ve always found them to be knowledgeable, attentive, courteous and trustworthy. They are creative problem solvers for the creative professional.”
Malcolm Louis Adams, Art Director, The Morét Group NYC