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Exhale is a prestigious national “lifestyle brand” offering award-winning yoga and Core Fusion classes as well as acclaimed spa therapies and healing services. Prestone’s Storefront solution enabled Exhale to fulfill their individual spa’s marketing needs quickly and efficiently while increasing quality control and cost analysis.

Exhale’s need:

ExhaleMainLogo(small)The recognition of exhale as one of the highest quality spa and fitness brands in the world had to be maintained across all of the graphics and printed products offered to promote and operate the company.

Exhale’s challenge:
If each Spa were to print its own material there could be no guarantee that the corporate identity would be consistent throughout.  But if the corporate Creative and Marketing team had to produce all of the graphics for all of the spas the costs would have been excessive and no one would have been able to go home at night!

ExhaleImage_3Prestone’s Solution:

Fortunately, exhale management was able to recognize the need for a graphics storefront from which each individual spa could order materials from the same print vendor and from which customization of the corporate product for each individual spa would be a snap.  Because they were familiar with storefronts that Prestone had established for other fitness companies and because they were aware of Prestone’s reputation as a quality brand, comparable to their own, exhale signed on.

An Exemplary Experience:
Simple and streamlined for local managers:
Within two weeks Prestone’s experienced storefront team, led by Director Business to Business Web Services, Carlos Ortiz, had branded a site and set up cost centers from which all exhale locations could order their graphic material.  The Product Catalog available upon log on shows Spa Managers the number of items in inventory as well as the pro-rated costs.  For customized jobs, the Manager simply accesses a standard template and fills-in the necessary data where prompted.  A click of a box and the Manager is able to review a PDF.  Another click and the order is sent to exhale Corporate for approval.

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Effective and organized for corporate assessments and reports:
The Approver receives an e-mail notifying them of the order and can also check in to see all ‘Orders Awaiting Approval’ on the site.  The Approver can also see the budget amount allocated to each Spa per month and the amount that has been spent so far that month.

ExhaleImage_2Efficient and Cost Effective:
As soon as the order is approved Prestone receives an e-mail and within 24 hours each order is fulfilled and shipped.  New customizable products are set up with three to four days with a minimum amount of feedback required from the Creative Director.

As Prestone becomes more experienced in creating these templates and managing storefronts, the process becomes easier and easier and we are able to pass on the associated cost savings to our customers.  Unlike most storefront suppliers, Prestone does not even charge to brand or set up a new site and offers five free templates to all new users!

Hannah Robbin, exhale’s Creative Director comments:
”Since working with Prestone, managing the ordering for 20 locations across the country has become a seamless and efficient process. I can always rely on Prestone for their availability, a speedy turnaround and their willingness to work together to achieve the best outcome. For the location manager’s the storefront format is a quick, easy to use tool that takes the brainwork out of ordering new collateral and keeping track of budget and past orders.”