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BorsaWallace is known for their unique designs and incredible attention to detail. Their guiding principal is that “design should provoke and inform, seamlessly merging creativity and communication.”  So when they approached us to assist with yet another highly complex promotional kit, we knew we were in for an exciting challenge.

They were commissioned by Estée Lauder to create an exceptional promotional kit highlighting the launch of Tory Burch’s premiere fragrance to be distributed among media influencers and select retailers

BorsaWallace’s inspiration was Tory Burch’s belief that “beauty is classic, unexpected and always effortless…as with design, it’s all about mixing ideas and elements to find just the right balance.”  The complexity of this project steered BorsaWallace to Prestone Printing.

For BorsaWallace, it was vital that they partner with a print manufacturer whose facility offered the sophisticated production capabilities necessary to successfully produce this project and deliver a level of quality control aligned with their own.

SS13On the print front there were five elements; 2 versions of a fragrance presentation kit, an image book; and a folder with product cards and a tipped-on image.  Some components were sheetfed printed, others digital – all requiring a perfect color match of a custom Tory Burch orange and blush.  Elements were die cut, gold foil stamped with a register emboss and hand assembled.

“Once we had an approved design, there were three significant challenges we faced during the manufacturing phase,” said Jeff Wallace, “creating a benchmark orange on an uncoated paper stock, achieving a consistent emboss on a large area and fitting the box to a product we did not yet have in hand.”

It was critical that the color be solid, smooth and capable of reproduction across multiple elements.  Also, the embossing field was large and consistency was an issue.  Toby, Prestone’s production manager worked closely with BorsaWallace to create solutions that delivered elegance quality.  Finally, although neither the acrylic slipcase nor the fragrance packages were available until the last minute, the fit had to be perfect.  We were asked to insure perfect color and fit under considerably challengin circumstances.

 “Prestone was extremely accommodating given the challenges we faced,” stated Wallace.  “The color match was dead-on and the final product fit like a glove. It worked out perfectly.”

The project unfolded from concept development to delivery over a six-month period.  Invited to join the conversation from the outset, Prestone was an integral part of the planning stage advising BorsaWallace on size and feasibility along the way.  Having partnered with us previously on many high end, labor intensive, multiple faceted, projects, BorsaWallace was confident in our ability to manage the entire job under one roof.  As for the final product…

According to Wallace, ” The client was extremely pleased…and we were thrilled with the execution.”