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Rimmel London, a UK based iconic brand recently celebrated 180 Years of Cool.  They had designed a book that would tout their extensive cosmetic history while boasting their latest products.

No Problem, right?

The book needed to be printed, finished and shipped in less than two weeks.

Okay, we could do that.

Well…it had a few bells and whistles too…

This perfect bound book included:

  • Cover foil stamped in 2 colors with registered emboss,
  • Double pop ups spanning the first folio,
  • Reverse 4pp die cut folder with a velcro seal, and a
  • 6 panel accordion brochure tucked inside the on Velcro-sealed folder.

Did you say in LESS than 2 weeks?  YES!


From the start it was a race against the clock.  With so many special elements, we knew there would be plenty of opportunity for trouble shooting and no room for mistakes.

First, we calculated the stock weight used to create the best pop up.  It had to be heavy enough to be stable yet light enough to fold down without bowing the cover. We had supplied the client with numerous stock comps and determined 130# silk cover worked best.

The pop up had to be hand glued into a 2 pp spread and needed to be as large as possible without peeking out of the book. The double pop up nests into each other and had to work so that they would open separately and align correctly. The hand assembly required a cautious meticulous approach.


Next, the 4pp die cut folder was printed with a bright red outer cover and it was critical that everything was cut precisely so that the accordion brochure tucked inside was not seen until open.  The die cutting and folding had to be incredibly precise requiring us to make adjustments, tweaking scores as we worked to insure a perfect fit.

Finally the cover had 2 foils registering to each other and the emboss registered to that.  Ensuring a perfect register was slow going and came out beautifully.  We then decided to staple the spine before gluing to insure we could open the book flat giving it a ‘lay-flat’ bindery affect.

All this done perfectly and in under the 2 week deadline.

According to Mark Facchin of PMG, responsible for the front end studio work, “The Rimmel project was complex and time sensitive. Prestone’s team offered creative solutions and pulled out all stops to meet our deadline.  The client was thrilled with both the process and the final product.”