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It used to be that adding spot uv and uv embossing to your print project design…

…would demand a huge additional cost.
…would add several extra days to the schedule.
…was impossible to do on a small run digital job.

While most of the print world still lives in “used to be”, Prestone has overcome such mundane limits!

Black StonesWelcome to the latest addition to our ever-expanding press lineup.

The MGI Jet Varnish is a press that you have been clamoring for.  It enables you to use your creative design effects without breaking your budgets. You can now produce even the shortest run digital and offset sheet with spot uv…quickly and affordably.

This exciting new technology ALSO enables you to create promotions with the effect of embossing.  Able to produce differing thicknesses of varnish throughout the sheet in one pass, your final product will boast stunning 3D effects.



Raised and textured images emulate embossing, variable pattern clear coatings and metalized effects; all available with customized, on demand single copies and very short runs.  All prohibitive time and cost restrictions have been abolished as our technology catches up to your creative imagination enabling you to take your print media to the next level.


A major advantage of this service is that NO plates or screens are required eliminating costly makeready steps. You simply create a mask, a separate layer in the original design file (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc) which denotes the areas of the image with spot UV highlights.  Creating a separate layer ensures your image and UV mask will align perfectly.

Contact Us to receive a PDF guide on how to create Jet Varnish UV files.


Let your imagination run wild as you begin to produce beautiful, tactile 3D effects that enhance visual appeal and bring a new sensory dimension to all your printed projects.

According to Rob Adler, President of Prestone, “Our latest purchase makes our client’s happier and our job easier; a true win-win.”