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Prestone Press is pleased to announce the newest addition to our growing list of credentials.  Drumroll please…2017 HP Inkspiration Award Winner.

In other words, we won an Oscar (almost)!

At Prestone, winning awards is becoming routine. We’re over the moon about Inkspiration recognizing us for our technological innovations and quality work. Yes, it’s fun to win awards. More importantly, though, we see them as proof of our excellent standards and our commitment to taking the printing industry to the next level.

At Dscoop Phoenix last month, awards were presented to HP printers in multiple categories across general commercial printing, labels and packaging, and page-wide printing segments. There were 148 entries from more than 57 HP customers in the Americas. Wow! Competition like that excites us at Prestone.

Our winning project was a series of promotional brochures for SJR group, a cutting-edge, international agency whose mission is to “make knowledge more accessible, allowing audiences to make better choices.” The project showcased a set of four brochures inside of a slipcase. The pieces were printed on our Indigo 10000 digital press and utilized all facets of our in-house bindery and finishing department including, die cutting, embossing and digital spot UV.

Steve Sakumoto, General Manager of HP Graphics, echoed our core values when he said, “It is the tenacity of these visionary customers that continues to drive the printing industry to the next level and keeps HP focused on creating possibilities.” We couldn’t agree more.  We do what we do to create value for our customers and we include up leveling the industry on the whole as part of our mission.

We believe sharing good news creates a ripple effect that also increases what’s possible in printing. We’ve won a trifecta: First, the Gold Inc., then the Mohawk Paper certificate of excellence and now the 2017 HP Inkspiration. We couldn’t be happier or more proud and wanted to share the news with our fans. You inspire us to greatness every day; thank you.